Why Choose A Castle Construction?

A Castle Construction LLC has been in business since 2006 and has completed over to 600 construction jobs in that time.
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We Offer a Variety of Services

Each type of construction project requires a unique team to plan, design, construct and maintain the project.
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We Are Here For You

For any of your residential or commercial construction needs, A Castle Construction is the company for you!
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Our Services Include:

Multistory Office Buildings

In multi-story office building construction jobs, A Castle Construction helps the client as a new tenant to the building and supervises the build-out of the entire floor.

Strip Plazas

In strip plaza shopping centers, A Castle Construction works with the client. as well as the property management company and adjacent tenants so as not to cause any disruptions.

Free Standing Buildings

A Castle Construction works quickly to complete construction jobs so that the client’s employees can resume business as usual.

Mold Removal

A Castle Construction handles each case individually to the clients satisfaction without closing daily operations of business.

Asbestos Removal and Testing

A Castle Construction does testing in buildings prior to build outs or renovations so that the client is aware of what is required before the construction job begins.

Property Managers

Property Managers utilize our years of expertise for their properties prior to their tenants leasing the space to divide suites, repair suites, or clean-out suites for new tenants.